Puket Island

Puket Island is in the Andaman Sea, in front of the west coast of the Thai peninsula.

Puquette, located in the southeastern part of the island, is the administrative capital and main port of Puket County, serving as the commercial hub of the Andaman Sea. Through this port, tin, rubber, charcoal, timber and fish products are exported to Malaysia and Singapore in the south, and into Myanmar in the north.

The airport has regular flights to Penang, Malaysia, and several cities in southern Bangkok and Thailand. Most of Puket’s islands are flat, but hills measuring 520 meters tall are occasionally found. Early humans started living here in the 1st century B.C. and formed part of many countries in the early 16th century.

Many Chinese came in after the 18th century, and today more than half of the population is made up of Chinese people. The island, also called a cape by the Malay people, is also called Tonga, Zhungshilon, and John Sallam. The name Puket comes from the fact that there are abundant tin mines here. The tin mine produces about a third of the Thai tin’s production. In this area, ore found in low-rise sand floors and shallow water streams is dug out with dredging systems and pumps.

Puket Island is also famous for its major beach resorts. There is a ship that connects the Panga County in the north with a narrow strait, and it connects the Puket, Banra, and Yi, the main stream by road.

Volley is a technique

Volley is a technique used in tennis to hit and hand over a ball before it is bound to the ground. This technique is to be used primarily in situations in which the competitor is close to the net, and may also be used in the middle of the coat or near the baseline.

The main purpose of playing Bali is to advance to the net, and to dodge the ball in the middle of the court, making it difficult for the opponent to have time to catch up. Bali also has the advantage of being able to handle the ball before it falls to the ground, so it is capable of hitting the ball at a higher angle than it is on the net because it is not affected by irregular bindings, such as grass coats. On the other hand, it takes agility and a quick reflexes to get the ball going so fast. You should also be prepared for the opponent’s attempts at passing shots and lobes.

Typically, a player who plays the sub-and-rilling style will play the first Balinese near the service line after the serve is added. And as he continues to take the ball back to Bali, he gradually moves forward in front of the net to put pressure on the opponent. As the player playing Bali moves forward more and more into the net, the player standing in the baseline usually attempts a passing shot because each player playing in the baseline has to cover it. A volley player usually makes it harder for the opponent to hit the precise passing shot, hitting the opponent’s backhand with a deep approach. In particular, a large number of Backhand slices are used to make it easier to get close to the net since the slices are slow to tie the knots, making it more suitable for making it easier to gain access to the net.

It is difficult to play Bali near the baseline or service line because it is so far away from the net that it is so close to the base line that it is difficult to play ball, making it known that John dead in the area between the baseline and service line.

The term tillage is also used in other sports, generally meaning handling a ball before it falls to the ground.

40 Tips to Find Out

1. If you tie a handkerchief to your baggage when traveling abroad, you can find it without confusing it with other baggage. .
2. Graffiti that does not want to be displayed is harder to read if other words are added than deleted with a line. .
3. You can wear a smartphone stand with sunglasses or glasses. .
4. After applying wax or candle to the whole shoe, melt it with a blow dryer to make waterproof shoes that are impervious to water. .
5. Button your shirt on the back is convenient. .
6. To find out how many batteries are left, drop them from the bottom of the floor at 15cm. If you flip a little bit, you’ll be left with a little bit of battery, and if you flip a little bit or more, you won’t be able to use it. .
7. If the bucket does not enter the sink, fill it with water using a dustpan. .
8. If you put a cell phone light under it, it shines like a lantern. .
9. If the ball point ball springs are attached like a picture, the wires will no longer be stripped. .
10. When wet tissue is frozen in a bottle, it cools down rapidly in 15 minutes. .
When I go to the sea in the summer, I put important things in an empty sunscreen tub. There are no cases of stealing sunscreen and it is also a great storage compartment. .
12.While distinguish similar keys, put a nail polish on them. .
13. Clip makes it easier to organize lines and cables. .
14. When organizing all kinds of cables, wires, and cords in the box, use the toilet paper to clean up the remaining tissue. .
15. Use a tissue seam to store large paper, such as wallpaper and wrapping paper. If you cut it like a picture, you can write it in any volume. .
You can easily take the leaves of a strawberry using a straw. .
When you drink iced coffee or iced cappuccino, try adding frozen coffee instead of ice. The coffee won’t go cold. .
18. When I lend my friends money or things, I never forget to take pictures with my friends. .
19 .
20.When it is hard to find something small because you have lost it, you can easily find it by tying stockings at the entrance of the vacuum cleaner. .
21. When you put the round cheese in a sandwich, cut it into two pieces. .
22. In the egg life, adding 1 teaspoons of baking powder makes the skin easier to peel. .
23. The corduroy can be used as a fine shirt color only iron. .
24. If you make a prop for the bar ice cream, you will not be able to melt it. .
25. You can distinguish the lines at a glance by writing their names on the things you use on the bread cabinet and plugging them into wires. .
26. Take care of the earbuds with a hairclip. .
27. Scrub the zip tooth that is stuck in a block with a pencil to fix it. .
The best way to squeeze lemon juice is to use tongs. .
29. If you don’t have a cork bottle opener, just insert a screw and remove it as if you can’t remove it. .
30. Rub walnut over broken wooden furniture to make it clean. .
31. When car headlight becomes hazy, rubbing it with toothpaste makes it cleaner. .
32. If you cut the milk bottle into the marked form, a dustpan and a small shovel are made. .
33. If it is inconvenient to stick a straw in a can, it is solved by passing it through the lid hole of the can. .
34. Empty lip balm can be used to hide the slush funds. .
35. If you put it on the tape end, you don’t have to be lost the next time you use it. .
36. If there is only a cell phone charging cable, use this because there is sometimes a USB terminal behind the TV. .
37. If a smartphone password is a keyboard, use special characters to increase security. .
38. Using the top of the ketchup box on the top of the vacuum cleaner, it is good to clean small areas such as a keyboard or microphone. .
39. When you heat your pizza in the microwave, it will soften with a glass of water. .
40. Using the old sticky notes before throwing them away is a good idea to clean up your keyboard.

Boracay, located in the northwest of the Philippines

Boracay, located in the northwest of the Philippines ‘ western island of PanaI Island, is an island nicknamed ” The Last Paradise, ” and it has beautiful beaches and other amenities in one place. If you walk a few steps from the resort, you can easily see the white sand beaches and clear seas you won’t be able to meet in Korea, and you will find simple trips to resorts along the beach, restaurants, pubs and other cute shopping malls. At any time, you can get a massage from a beach manager and taste a variety of desserts and foods from all over the world. European tourists often stay in Boracay on the island and open a restaurant there, so they can enjoy the taste of major European dishes and enjoy the attractive atmosphere of Boracay at a low price.

Hopping tours, skin scuba diving, and snorkeling, which are also essential things to enjoy in Boracay. At sunset, you will be able to enjoy the sea of sunset on a bunker, and at night, you will be able to enjoy various live shows on the beach so that you can experience various activities from morning to evening. There are many small things to see, such as butterfly farms and observatory, inside the island, so there is no time to be bored even if you schedule for a long time. Boracay will give you a chance to forget about your daily routines and enjoy the pleasures of the travelers in these remote foreign lands.

Be sure to experience Boracay
① Boracay SunSett Seiling
② Boracay D Mole
③ Boracay White Beach
Boracay Hopping Tour
Boracay Mango Shake

Boracay Commentary Course
Day 1 : Enjoy the beach → Boracay SunSett Sailing → Live at the cafe

Day 2 : Boracay Hopping Tour → Explore Boracay D mall → Get Boracay Beach Massage

Day 3 : Boracay Scanding Diving → Boracay Mango Shake → Getting a Spa

Day 4 : Butterfly farm → Ride ATV → Ruho Mountain Observatory → Shop souvenirs and gifts at Boracay D Mall → Enjoy the last night in Boracay

We are a sixth-year-old couple.

We are a sixth-year-old couple.
That’s still a shy, shy relationship.
It’s a space, it’s a goal, it’s a team that is customized.
So we got used to many things.
Food, hobbies, interests, thinking style, pattern, rhythm,
We are becoming familiar with and familiar with many different fields.
He talked about his wish when he started dating.
The annoying woman,
The condition is a woman,
I hate lazy women.
I talked.
I’ll try.
My wish is
Yo! You! Gee!
I said don’t use the title forever.
I wanted to be honest in every way.
Without a clear sense of self-organizing
I don’t like people who are in control.
If you like it,
If you don’t like it, you don’t.
I want to be honest in the sense that my thoughts and expressions are clear. ”

You’re doing great.
The more you get used to it, the more likely you are to feel free.
The Bible has a clear principle, a guide.
For starters, my husband forgets.
I’m a wife.
Follow the headworks.
I feel it is important not to pass on my wife’s responsibilities and responsibilities to my husband.
We give them a big meal.
Clean and warm up for a comfortable house.
When one is busy with many things to do
Instead of thinking you’re alone,
I’m diligent, so it makes me feel at home when the other person takes a break.
Sometimes I make excuses for something or other.
Early morning weather, public transportation, early rush hour, most of the waking hours
Company life, mass transit 10,000 won, work hours after sunset, dinner preparation at home, and weekdays that are repeated for five days.
The weekend starts at dawn, and we prepare for service, research, and assembly.
Time is limited, and work will accumulate if you don’t do it now.
Not everything is perfect,
Sometimes it’s greedy.
If you don’t feel good, if you’re tired of overtime, all sorts of excuses,
I have a husband who understands, understands, and helps me all day long.
It will be turned around.
The husband who expresses his feelings and thoughts well
He’s bad at it in many ways, but when he does what he likes,
I like this life because I feel happy.
The happiest time these days is
It is a time to take a rest in the morning by resting on the heavy eyes and body that overcame sleep during the weekend.
When they spend their time doing what they love, they feel stronger in bond.

We are a sixth-year-old couple who haven’t had any arguments or arguments.
Thank you.

What is NLP?

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming
(Neural language programming)
John Grinder.
Dr. Richard Bendler …
We’ve developed a way to create evolutionary change in humans.
To achieve
We need to be able to move our minds.
Neuro-language programming.

The root of this NLP principle is that we humans have five senses.
That is, we can use the principles of neural language working in the nervous system by vision, hearing, smell, taste, and body sensation.
It is based on.
Which means that we need to learn our neural representation language.
We put it into our deep subconscious, code it, and receive it in unconscious form.
Based on this theory, it is a theory that if a person or organization desires to achieve its goals, the dream must be achieved.

In this neural language programming principle,
Our minds and brains are
It’s a piece of software.
What we want is to be able to communicate in our brains.
It is very important to enter a goal or accident.

For example, the number 1 + 2 = 3.
But if the computer programmer
If I make a mistake with 1 + 2 = 5,
No matter how good you are at your computer, the answer to 1 + 2 is :
The fact is that it comes in five rather than three.
So the brain of our human being
Whether it is positive or negative
It’s like a computer programmer typing in.
It is a direct input into our brains. ” I grow beans, I grow beans, and I dream of planting dreams. ”

Paul Meyer, a world-in-the-world engineering expert from the insurance salesman, who became the youngest person to be a millionaire at the age of 27, said, ” Draw your dreams and goals very vividly. Draw it constantly, concentrating on a lively picture that is also moving. Then the dream must come to you in reality.He said.

Laws dealing with infinite achievements of the mind, east and west, are no exception.
Donghwa Busan-Hyun
There is a saying.
If I paint my dream and goal vividly with moving pictures,
And in the end, it turns out to be a reality.
Have a meaning
Dream Comes True
There is a famous saying that dreams come true.

The current NLP theory is :
In the United States, Britain, Canada, and other developed countries,
On the map
They’re being used and distributed.
Many people are already conducting research and training here with interest.
If you really want to see innovative change and achievement, you have to think about this law of infinite achievement.
Use NLP actively.

I’m sure your life will change dramatically then. – Internet Extractions –


NLP theory is
It was created to help interpret human psychology and behavior and modify the program ” Thoughts, Emotions, Behavioral Patterns, ” which is the issue.

It has evolved steadily since it was invented in the 1970s.
Even in the field of self-improvement and communication.
It is used widely and widely.


The future LPGA golfer under the guidance of the current director.
I want to talk to Eugene about this in class today.
It was handed over.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I watch golf videos.
Just imagine the actual swing and watch the video.

So we can look at the effects
Changes are about to happen.

In fact, our brains
They say they can’t distinguish reality from imagination.

Well, at least I want to know
If the results are to be presented to you at all,
Not only do you do your best in real life,
Draw the dreams of the future in your imagination.
At school
To future prospects
We often talk in class.

And that field manager
To all clients
It has to be a good copy of The Bourne.
Always having a visible dream, imagining the future,
I’m doing my best in real life.

Familiar to the majority of the public

R = VD Rule

Realization Vivid Dream
Dreams come true if you dream vividly.

If you really want to.
# Pygmalion Effect


I think there is more communication between people in the future.
In the closing stages

In search of composure
That pulling out the true me in me
It is also true of communication psychology,
It’s time to pay attention.

I had a special morning yesterday morning.

I had a special morning yesterday morning.
Everyone knows that a hairdressing shop in Incheon
# The representative of the late Chung Hyun’s hair was giving a lecture with hair designers.
I found out a few years ago that I asked Hwang Dae-kun, the president of GojungHyun Hair, for a lecture on celebrities.
I was hesitant to think I was qualified to give a guest lecture.
I decided to do it if I can be of help to the head of the department, who is living in poverty, and to CEO Ko Jung-hyun, who I respect. ”
Wake up at 4:30 a.m. and arrive at Incheon # Gyeongin Women’s University
I arrived before 6, had a cup of coffee, and started speaking at 7.
Sunshiki Hare’s education is available every Saturday at 7:50.
I almost did it at 10 in the morning, but it was the first time I did it at 7 in the morning.
Incheon is a big and busy brand, so I wanted to ask you to come from far away and take a lecture from here at 7
Thank you all again by giving an Eagle to everyone.
This week’s program is called ” # Hair Designer. ”
I put the brand down and talked about my idea of a hair designer in the extreme.
Since it is morning time, I can be very tired, so I will show the video and send a message from my hair designer.
I tried to communicate.
The documentary movie ” # Jiro’s Dream ” is uploaded as a video necessary to convey this message.
The movie is released in 2011.
It is a simple sushi restaurant with only 10 guests sitting in the basement of Kinja’s office building in Tokyo.
The world’s best restaurant assessment # Michelin Guide recognizes this owner as
Jiro Ono holds the record for the oldest three-star chef in history.
At the time of the shoot, I was 85 years old … ‘

A food critic who calls the store ” the best sushi store ” by sushi chef Jiro Ono said that the movie’s introduction
He said, ‘ It’s neat and clean. It’s simple. ‘ It’s the only sushi restaurant in Tokyo that won’t look fancy and is faithful to its natural taste and that doesn’t even sell liquor except sushi.

His documentaries do not add any narration to his story, but present the image and interviews of sushi makers.
Listening to a person’s life is considered better than a scenario I’ve been working on for years.
The indirect experience is a reminder that you don’t win the direct experience, and that you don’t win the rest of your life.

The real master
It’s a film that tells you what your dream field of craftsmanship is.
I really think this movie is valuable because it contains my father-in-law in it, and I really appreciate it because it was made.
It’s a very simple and concise but necessary mind in today’s society that’s stuck in a rut or ended up doing things.
I also watch this movie when I feel depressed or when I shake or have a challenge.
I will tell you the story of # Barber and Hairdresser
Showing part of Jiro’s dream point and telling my thoughts
He carried on with his lecture.
Finally, I showed a video of a Taiwan hair show.
I can’t tell you what a Taiwan hair show means because I have to wrap it up fast.
If anyone who has been here on a movie read it, I would like to give you more message.

If you watch the video of the hair show, you can see Korean music.
As you know, Korean hairdressers feel strange when they give Korean music a hair show. Pop, Ilrek, anyway, I prefer other music than Korean music.
However, Korean music, Korean fashion, and dramas are popular around the world.
The hair show that I express to Korean music in Taiwan is very fond of Korean music, so I would like to ask the Taiwanese who are interested in Korean culture.
She showed off her unique colors to the Korean music of Hongdae this year.
And in some ways, the days of adventure can be simple, but don’t you think it would be a good idea to give it a try?
I ended up with a head show video thinking that it would be a long way but perhaps one of the lives of our dream hairdressers.
Anyway, I will have a variety of seminars and lecture experiences this year.
Passionate CEO Goh Jung-Hyun, director, and hair designers all have passionate eyes and energy.
I also feel energetic and draw 2018 on our Sunshiki.
I would like to thank all of you for coming to my lecture early in the morning.
Thank you for joining us in the early morning.

The reason why I like home is because I can fill in only what I want.

The reason why I like home is because I can fill in only what I want. –

For example, if I went to a place with a good atmosphere after a long time and did not have a good snack, I could suddenly ask for a cup of soju that would cost me many times more than what I used to buy at the mart, and I could ask for a quiet place to share that wine at the weekend.

Or the mood, the meal, the drink, the company sitting there completely filled with satisfaction, and when I was sitting down, I suddenly imagined that eight or so customers would sit down next to my table. –

On the other hand, the house is not like the atmosphere of Garosu-gil BanaCafe, but I can not but I can not but choose the kind of wine that I want to drink at the right price. –

Besides, I can’t take her every time I go out, so I guess I have my precious pet dog, GongchilI, lying down next to me so I don’t have anything to worry about. –

I guess why I came up with this story is that I found satisfaction and happiness mainly in social activities and outside of my home. –

Of course, depending on who you meet outside, where you go and what you enjoy, the quality and value of your life will vary and I think it is inevitable since I don’t live on a desert island. –

However, when I see my parents ‘ generation moving from Seoul to provincial areas and spending their old lives comfortably after they have finished their retirement or used their savings from the ” green years of the year. ” –

Even if it is time to compensate for the efforts made by the president without any intervention or instructions from anyone. –

Children who are busy walking around and building social skills do not understand why my father gives me so little pocket money and prepares the expensive phonograph after the age of 60. –

But people who love the place and want to fill it with things they love completely, are able to fully understand it. –

This house, which always has what I like in my hands, and is full of what I like when I lie down, makes me happy no matter what I don’t. –

When I talk about this, I have a large house I want to run through, a sofa I can sleep in, a nice sofa that is not too loud, but a nice speaker that is played throughout the house. –

What I needed was an enormous amount of money after a decade of shopping for clothes I’d bought once in a season, saying I had no desire for water. –

Simply having this problem that will not be solved in a few years, I lay down in the warm bed of my loved one Monday morning to think about how to make money and save it. –

It’s dangerous outside the bed –

What is your name? Without a single worry about  I’ll name the restaurant.

What is your name?
Without a single worry about
I’ll name the restaurant.
Let’s make a restaurant that Bob doesn’t sell.
I made up my mind.
Well done.
Of yesterday’s night.
When my grandmother asked me if I would eat, I wanted to serve her a really delicious meal.
And I remember my grandmother …I thought much after leaving …
Although it’s only a small bar now,
If I had some time to sit down and help the needy, I thought there were people who came back from the store yesterday, but I felt like they were doing something thanks to you.
It was a thoughtful night!
Another hot night?
Have a great weekend everyone!
Then I’ll keep waiting at the diner.