Puket Island

Puket Island is in the Andaman Sea, in front of the west coast of the Thai peninsula. Puquette, located in the southeastern part of the island, is the administrative capital and main port of Puket County, serving as the commercial hub of the Andaman Sea. Through this port, tin, rubber, charcoal, timber and fish products […]

Volley is a technique

Volley is a technique used in tennis to hit and hand over a ball before it is bound to the ground. This technique is to be used primarily in situations in which the competitor is close to the net, and may also be used in the middle of the coat or near the baseline. The […]

40 Tips to Find Out

1. If you tie a handkerchief to your baggage when traveling abroad, you can find it without confusing it with other baggage. . 2. Graffiti that does not want to be displayed is harder to read if other words are added than deleted with a line. . 3. You can wear a smartphone stand with […]

We are a sixth-year-old couple.

We are a sixth-year-old couple. That’s still a shy, shy relationship. It’s a space, it’s a goal, it’s a team that is customized. So we got used to many things. Food, hobbies, interests, thinking style, pattern, rhythm, We are becoming familiar with and familiar with many different fields. He talked about his wish when he […]

What is NLP?

What is NLP? NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming (Neural language programming) John Grinder. Dr. Richard Bendler … We’ve developed a way to create evolutionary change in humans. To achieve We need to be able to move our minds. Neuro-language programming. The root of this NLP principle is that we humans have five senses. That is, we […]

I had a special morning yesterday morning.

I had a special morning yesterday morning. Everyone knows that a hairdressing shop in Incheon # The representative of the late Chung Hyun’s hair was giving a lecture with hair designers. I found out a few years ago that I asked Hwang Dae-kun, the president of GojungHyun Hair, for a lecture on celebrities. . . […]